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The perfect server for people who like PvP.

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TierPkz Server Features

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Welcome Gift in game!

Full Cerberus

Crazy Archaeologist


Chaos FanaticFull Demonic Gorillas with Prayer Switching


Clue Scrolls + Awersome rewards

Statius, Vestas and Chaotics!

Better handling stuff rather than PI shitty systems

Veng + Barrage Timers

Unique Kill-Streak System

All Wilderness Bosses

Full Kraken

20+ BossesBoss Tracker Interface


Pre-load gears

Ballista, Dragon WarHammer & other weapons in correct formulas

Improved buying/sellings systems

Dice 1/100 command ::roll

Rewritten Skills (Runecrafting, Hunter, Agility)

Premade Gear

Max Hit

Full OSRS Bounty Hunter

Help database system

Vote point shop

Perfect Combat

Clipped Player & Npc following

Clipped Projectiles

Clipped 119 maps & objects

Pet Insurance

Donation Bonds, tickets with shop

Boss Pets

Bank Tabs

Rare Drop announcement system

Perfect Minigames

Perfect Items kept on death system

Untradeables banked after death

And much more